From the very beginning, our vision for this book has always been to create from it a community of like-minded individuals who share the common purpose of maximizing the impact for themselves, society and the environment.

As the architects of this initiative, we strive to orchestrate the community in a way that empowers every member to achieve their personal objectives within a collective context, so that we can achieve all together a so-called "exponential impact."

With this book, we have laid for you a solid foundation, complemented by the self-help platform that serves as a dynamic impact-centric framework. This provides you with a passport to join a glocal community of “impacters” where mutual support and collaboration will propel your impact to new heights, creating a new circle of like-minded individuals within your society.

Upon profile approval, you'll be welcomed into the community and given roles and responsibilities tailored to your aspirations and objectives. Our smart matching system pairs you with members for mutually beneficial collaboration, while our strategic mapping links your goals to existing impact opportunities. This turns our community into a thriving “glocal” hub for impact.

As you advance, the community evolves alongside you, offering opportunities to travel, attend & organize events, retreats, workshops, webinars… You can take on various roles such as ambassadors, consuls, mentors… leveraging your unique strengths to shape the community's future and inspire others to join the journey.

Your unique contribution to the collective wisdom act as a catalyst for change in others' lives, and our meritocracy system acknowledges your efforts, allowing you to grow within the community based on your contributions and the impact you create.

Ultimately, being a part of the impacters community means committing to something greater than yourself. By uniting with like-minded individuals worldwide, you contribute to a brighter & more compassionate future rooted in empathy and a shared desire to make a difference. Embrace your place in the Impacters community, and together, let's impact the world.

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